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South Dakota Mule Deer Hunts

South Dakota Mule Deer Hunting

Outfitter Dave Ciani has been named as one of the Top 100 Outfitters in North America. Dave has over 20 years of experience guiding big game hunters and can offer opportunities to take trophy caliber whitetail deer and mule deer on his privately managed properties in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dave can customize the exact hunt that you desire, whether it be with gun or bow. Nobody will work harder for you than High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters!

At High Prairie Lodge & Outfitters we take pride in making our hunting services more than you expected. We are a full service outfitting business and our goal is to try to provide you with a memorable hunting experience. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully hunt the monster whitetails and mule deer found roaming throughout the Black Hills of South Dakota. The benefit of choosing us as your hunting outfitter is that we cover a large amount of land, which makes your hunting success possible. In addition, your hunting excursion is lead by owner Dave Ciani. Dave’s policy is that no matter what your game preference is, he’ll take you to where the game is. While staying with us, we will help plan out your hunting excursion so that not a minute is wasted. In addition to having the very best hunting guide services, we have lodging accommodations at locations that will delight.

South Dakota Mule Deer Hunts

Hunt 1: Trophy Fair Chase Mule Deer Hunt:  Prior to the hunt, outfitter Dave Ciani will explain the qualifications needed to harvest a mule deer buck. There will be penalty fees for smaller animals harvested. Note: This is not the hunt for everyone and there are no guarantees but the chance at a once in a lifetime animal is worth the risk for some hunters. This is a rut only hunt with limited availability on specifically managed properties.

Hunt 2: Economical Mule Deer Hunt:  On this hunt you will have opportunity at mule deer bucks in the 140 – 170 class range. Unlike the trophy hunt, you will have your pick at the animal of your choice and there are no penalty fees.  Hunter success rates are very high on this hunt. This is also a rut only hunt.

Hunt 3: Whitetail / Mule Deer Combo Hunt:  You will have the opportunity to harvest a Whitetail and / or a Mule deer buck. As with all of our deer hunts we only hunt during the rut and we offer both gun and bow hunts.

Lodging And Meals:

The lodging for all of our Black Hills Hunts will be at our on-site 1890's Stone House. This is a fully modernized lodge style bed and breakfast with all of the amenities. Dave’s wife Teresa and partner of over thirty years teaches wonderful cooking classes and is the full time chef at their beautiful 1890 stone lodge.

The meals and atmosphere at the lodge truly make the trip relaxing and complete. After a day of hiking through the hills chasing those big bucks, it is most delightful to enjoy an evening in the jacuzzi after a 5 course home prepared meal. Trust it is not possible to hike enough miles in a day to burn off 3 square meals prepared by Dave’s wonderful wife Teresa.

Our Mule Deer Hunt Packages

We offer several package options and will customize the trip to meet the hunter’s financial and hunting needs. These hunts are limited each year to the rut period. We prefer to talk with each hunter individually to assist in planning the proper hunt package for you and / or your group. Please email outfitter Dave Ciani to go over the costs involved with each of these custom hunt packages. Dave enjoys meeting and exceeding each hunter’s wants and needs.

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